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Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), 2018

When sampling for PFASs, many special guidelines are recommended to avoid cross-contamination. The guidelines differ from those followed in sampling for other types of contaminants due to the presence of PFASs in many things used in everyday life to make products resistant to water, stains, heat, and oil. Because PFASs are analyzed in such small concentrations (parts per trillion), even the smallest cross-contamination could contribute to producing a false positive. The Michigan DEQ in 2018 posted a series of field and residential technical sampling guides for PFASs that range from the general to the matrix or media specific.
  • General PFAS Sampling Guidance.
  • Groundwater PFAS Sampling Guidance.
  • Residential Well PFAS Sampling Guidance.
  • Soil PFAS Sampling Guidance.
  • Surface Water PFAS Sampling Guidance.
  • Wastewater PFAS Sampling Guidance.
  • PFAS Sampling Quick Reference Field Guide.
  • Residential Well PFAS Sampling Guidance for Homeowners.
  • Sampling and Lab Information.

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