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Devoy, C., L. Wrong, and K. Collins.
11th ICARD IMWA 2018 Annual Conference, September 10-14, Pretoria, South Africa. IMWA Proceedings (Volume I):9-16(2018)

Galmoy Mines completed the restoration of a tailings management facility (TMF) by incorporating an integrated constructed wetland (ICW) and returning the site to a land use compatible with the surrounding countryside. The ICW also treated surface water runoff efficiently and created an enhanced environment for local and migratory bird species. The wetland system improved post-closure water quality. As the TMF remediation matures, ammonia is stabilizing in the revegetated caps of the TMF, and reductions in sulfate are noted. The successful restoration of the former mine site via the development of a fully functional ICW system within the TMF was the first project to complete mine closure activities under the EU Mining Waste Directive since its introduction in 2006. https://www.imwa.info/docs/imwa_2018/IMWA2018_Devoy_9.pdf

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