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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Funding Opportunity EPA-G2019-ORD-A1, 2019

For over 60 years, the small island of Vieques was used as a bombing range and site for military-training exercises. Unexploded ordnance and exploded remnants have been identified in the Vieques range areas and surrounding waters, where potential contaminants include mercury, lead, copper, magnesium, lithium, perchlorate, TNT, napalm, depleted uranium, PFASs, PCBs, solvents, and pesticides. Previous studies do not offer a clear picture of the extent of the environmental impacts; hence, insufficient information is available to determine the exposure status at the Vieques Superfund Site and assess risks. To foster a better understanding of environmental contamination, impact, and mitigation options at the Vieques site, EPA seeks applications to develop a community participatory research program to address the following specific research areas: (1) approaches and methods to detect and characterize the baseline level of contamination, (2) human health and ecosystem impacts caused by contaminant exposure, and (3) innovative approaches to mitigate site contamination and enhance remediation. This RFA solicits research to facilitate the effective testing, evaluation, quantification and mitigation of the toxic substances in the soil, seas, plant, animal, and human population of Vieques. The opportunity is open until April 23, 2019. EPA anticipates a single award out of an estimated $800,000 in total program funding.
Grants.gov: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=313134.
How to apply: https://www.epa.gov/research-grants/addressing-environmental-concerns-vieques-puerto-rico-through-community.

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