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Department of Energy, Navarro Research and Engineering Inc., North Las Vegas, NV.
Federal Business Opportunities, Solicitation LMCP6748, 2019

This notice constitutes market research and serves only as a method of establishing technical capabilities and commercial interest by companies interested in refurbishing an aboveground engineered tank, part of the Fernald Preserve Ohio Site Converted Advanced Wastewater Treatment (CAWWT) system. Qualified candidates may be invited to participate in a follow-on request for technical and business proposal. The CAWWT has successfully treated uranium-contaminated groundwater and other site wastewater at the Fernald site using mixed media filtration and U-specific ion exchange unit operations. Refurbishment of the aboveground engineered tank will encompass (1) characterizing basin sediments/material; (2) removing ~320 yd3 of presumed low-level radiological basin waste consisting of sediments with vegetation, plus removal and disposal of the liner; (3) managing ~1 ft of basin water, which will be placed back into the new basin; (4) processing, packaging, and shipping waste that meets the Waste Acceptance Criteria at either the Energy Solutions (Clive, UT) or Waste Control Specialists (Andrews, TX) disposal facilities; (5) providing regraded base; (6) installing new liner; (7) installing a bubbler aeration system; and (8) installing a floating basin cover made of engineered balls. Expressions of interest and questions must be received by March 15, 2019. Release of the RFP is anticipated on or about March 25, 2019. https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DOE/SNJV/NNSANV/LMCP6748/listing.html

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