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Moellerherm, S., P. Goerke-Mallet, and C. Melchers. | Technical Sessions: Smart Mining: Resources for a Connected World, 24-27 Feb 2019, Denver, Colorado. p 69, 2019

In the Ruhr area in Germany the old mining sector creates special risks for the safety of the ground surface, the population, and the environment owing to the presence of unstable abandoned mine openings and subsurface mine workings, uncontrolled methane emissions, and acid mine drainage. The Research Institute of Post-Mining is working on the application of satellite data from the European Copernicus project for remote sensing and monitoring of current post-mining processes. Particular emphasis is placed on the hydrochemistry of water bodies, soil water content, land use, and land coverage. With respect to the potentials of the Copernicus program and the reliability of data provision, the connection between information provided by the satellites and terrestrial expertise will lead to an innovation in monitoring, reduce post-mining risks, and increase post-mining opportunities, such as the valorization of mining infrastructures for the recovery of renewable energy. Research Institute of Post-Mining: https://www.thga.de/en/research-and-transfer/research-facilities/research-institute-of-post-mining/profile/ Copernicus Program: https://www.copernicus.eu/en/about-copernicus

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