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Falta, R., C. Newell, and S. Farhat.
SERDP/ESTCP Webinar Series, Webinar #84, Feb 2019

An alternative numerical modeling approach has been developed that uses semi-analytical approximations inside each normal (large) gridblock to represent local-scale matrix diffusion. The new method is efficient and compares well with laboratory experiments and exact analytical solutions for transient matrix diffusion in aquifer/aquitard systems and in fractured porous media. This modeling technique has been implemented in a new version of the contaminant transport screening model REMChlor, called REMChlor-MD. The REMChlor-MD model retains the remediation capabilities of the original REMChlor model, while allowing for matrix diffusion in the plume. The model considers first order decay and production of daughter products in both the high and low permeability parts of the domain, with independent decay rates and retardation factors for the individual species in the two zones. Contaminant reaction rates can be varied in space and time in either or both domains to simulate plume remediation actions. https://www.serdp-estcp.org/Tools-and-Training/Webinar-Series/02-07-2019. Free download of the new model at https://www.serdp-estcp.org/Program-Areas/Environmental-Restoration/Contaminated-Groundwater/Persistent-Contamination/ER-201426

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