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Bardos, R.P., H.F. Thomas, J.W.N. Smith, N.D. Harries, F. Evans, R. Boyle, T. Howard, et al.
Sustainability 10(6):1781(2018).

The Sustainable Remediation Forum for the UK (SuRF-UK) published guidance on sustainability criteria for consideration in drawing up (or framing) assessments, organized across 15 "headline" categories: five for the environmental element of sustainability, five for the social, and five for the economic. This paper describes how the SuRF-UK indicator guidance was developed and the rationale behind its structure and approach. It describes its use in remediation option appraisal in the UK and reviews the international papers that have applied or reviewed it. It then reviews the lessons learned from its initial use and the opinions and findings of international commentators and concludes with recommendations on how the indicator categories might be further refined in the future. This paper is Open Access athttps://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/10/6/1781/htm.

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