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Barnes, M. | 36th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mining & Reclamation, 3-7 June, Big Sky, MT, 48 slides, 2019

Restoration of French Gulch and Moose Creek was completed to support native fisheries reintroduction goals in the Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area, MT. The area was mined extensively in the 19th century, resulting in large remnant tailings piles, a reduced aquatic habitat, and a confined French Gulch without connection to a functioning floodplain and lack of fluvial complexity. Stream reaches were identified for reference and varying levels of restoration based on the degree of impacts. Restoration areas were modeled to determine shear stress values and approximate particular areas requiring increased stability and roughness to withstand up to a 4% annual clearance flood. Areas of additional remnant tailings removal were identified during construction and completed to increase flood storage and riparian connection to French Gulch. Construction was completed in fall 2016 ahead of schedule and under budget. Monitoring of stream response was conducted in 2017 and compared to post-projects data. Pre-existing and post-project data were used to estimate % reduction in sediment load in tons/yr for total maximum daily loads allocations. See final report See video

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