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Annable, M. | SERDP Project ER-2420, 76 pp, 2019

This project developed and tested a method for in situ measurements of high-resolution contaminant and water flux profiles using a colorimetric-based passive flux meter (cPFM). Lab studies were conducted to screen candidate sorbents and dyes to modify the current PFM design and validate the changes under controlled conditions. Field testing of the cPFM was conducted at the Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina, and a University of Florida campus well located at Black Hall. Tests ranging from 12 to 23 days were conducted for varying durations to assess the accuracy of the cPFM. The project demonstrated how cPFMs could be used to collect high-resolution data while reducing costs. A breakdown of the material, labor, analysis, and shipping costs based on a single 2-ft design gave the overall cost for the standard PFM as $176 while that of the cPFM was $113, resulting in a 36% cost reduction. Future testing is required to improve accuracy in the field and refine the method. https://serdp-estcp.org/content/download/49443/471405/file/ER-2420%20Final%20Report.pdf

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