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Woodard, S. | 2019 Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) Federal Contaminated Sites Regional Workshop, 4-5 June, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 28 slides, 2019

PFAS contamination (~310 ng/L) from firefighting foam used at the Royal Australian Air Force Base Tindal impacted a bore in the Katherine water utility supply. The Australian Department of Defense requested accelerated fabrication of a 12.5 L/sec turnkey, modular system to quickly remediate the PFAS-contaminated water. Delivery was accelerated by air-freighting the system from Maine, U.S., to Darwin, Australia, in an Antonov An-225 transport plane. The PFAS water treatment system included pre-treatment filtration and ion exchange to remove solids and other fouling agents and specialized ion exchange resins for PFAS removal. The system was installed in international shipping containers to allow for easier transportation and rapid on-site readiness and to facilitate operational debugging prior to shipment. The system went online in late October 2017 and has met all project objectives for 34 PFAS compounds. The system required no resin change-outs, and no PFAS breakthrough has been detected. http://rpic-ibic.ca/images/2019_FCSRW/presentations/Rapid_Deployment_of_PFAS_Removal_System_for_Town_Water_Supply_in_Katherine_Australia_.pdf More Information http://www.defence.gov.au/Environment/PFAS/_master/Includes/Publications/Reports/TindalReports.asp

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