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U.S. EPA Region 10, Doc. ID 100116994, 122 pp, 2018

Creosote manufacturing was conducted at Quendall Terminals from 1916 to 1969, where distillation of coal and oil-gas tar residues led to environmental releases of coal tar and distillate products, mainly in material handling, production, storage, and disposal areas. DNAPL impacts at the site have been observed to a maximum depth of 34 ft bgs. STAR is an innovative in situ thermal technology based on the principles of smoldering combustion, where organic contaminants are the source of fuel. The smoldering process is sustained by the addition of air through a well to the target treatment zone and is initiated through a short-duration, low-energy ignition event. Based on the results of a bench-scale treatability study, a field pilot test was recommended to evaluate key design parameters for a full-scale STAR system and to evaluate the potential influence of site-specific matrix heterogeneities on the process. A field pre-design evaluation was then conducted to evaluate the combustion front radius of influence, mass destruction and combustion front propagation rates, and volatile mass loading in collected vapors. This report describes the field activities, feasibility results, and recommendations for implementing the STAR in situ thermal technology. https://semspub.epa.gov/work/10/100116994.pdf

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