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Woodard, S. and V. Pearce. | 2019 Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) Federal Contaminated Sites Regional Workshop, 4-5 June, Halifax, Nova Scotia, poster, 2019

Response activities are on-going to remove and remediate groundwater impacted by PFOS and PFOA at the former Pease Air Force Base. A 200-gpm ion exchange (IX) system was installed to remediate water to a combined PFOS/PFOA concentration of <70 ng/L. The full-scale system was installed from fall 2017 through spring 2018 and includes bag filters to remove suspended solids, back-washable GAC pre-treatment filtration to remove iron, two parallel trains of lead-lag regenerable IX resin vessels for PFAS removal, an in-vessel regeneration system to strip PFAS from the IX resin, a distillation system to recover and reuse the regenerant solution, a PFAS super-loading system to further reduce PFAS waste volume, and two parallel, single-use IX resin vessels for PFAS polishing. The polish vessels contain a blend of IX resins, tailored to the general water chemistry and PFAS species and their relative concentrations. The PFAS remediation system has treated >9 million gals of groundwater to non-detect for all 13 monitored PFAS compounds, including the short-chain species, readily achieving compliance with the 70 ng/L target. The original super-loading media is still operational, having removed and concentrated >99.99% of the recovered PFAS mass, so no PFAS waste has needed to be hauled off-site to date. http://rpic-ibic.ca/images/Installation_Operation_and_Startup_of_Worlds_First_Regenerable_Resin_System_for_PFAS_Removal.pdf Also see presentation by Woodard and Singer https://www.aaees.org/_downloadcenter/resources/NJWEA052019-10InstallationStartupOperation.pdf

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