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Ortiz-Soto, R., D. Leal, C. Gutierrez, A. Aracena, A. Rojo, and H.K. Hansen.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 365:905-911(2019)

In an evaluation of the effect of initial acidity and electric field intensity on the electrokinetic remediation of Mn and Zn from mine tailings at a Chilean copper mine, experiments focused on the effect of the applied electric field (1 and 2 V/cm), the H2SO4 concentration during pretreatment (1 and 2 mol/L) and the interaction between these factors in Mn and Zn concentration. From the obtained results, Mn and Zn can be removed from the analyzed tailings, with maximum net removal of 31.88% and 17.95%, respectively. Electromigration enhancement was confirmed by an analysis of variance with a significance level of 10% for the soluble and total metal concentration in the cathodic zone, where total concentration was increased to 24% and 11% for Zn and Mn, respectively.

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