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Galbraith, F., S. Foy, D. Fursevich, and W. Govenlock.
RemTech 2019: Remediation Technologies Symposium, 16-18 October, Banff, 34 slides, 2019

A full scale in situ hydrogen peroxide injection program was designed and implemented at the Muncho Lake maintenance camp along the Alaska Highway. Soils at the active maintenance camp were impacted with F2 hydrocarbons from operation and maintenance activities linked to the construction of the Alaska Highway. Hydrogen peroxide injection was identified as the most effective approach for remediating hydrocarbon impacts in soils in the smear zone at a depth of 7.5 to 11 m, covering an estimated 5,000 m2. The approach was first pilot tested, followed by a first stage injection program. Following completion of the first stage injection program and identification that ≤70% reduction in F2 concentrations was achievable, a full-scale injection program was designed to target elevated F2 concentrations associated with the smear zone. The full-scale program involved injecting over 4.7 million L of hydrogen peroxide at 568 injection locations at a concentration of 17.5%. The program development process was presented from pilot testing to full-scale hydrogen peroxide injection and included results, conclusions, and lessons learned for the completion of the hydrogen peroxide injection programs. Slides: Longer abstract:

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