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Dozortsev, V. | Groundwater Solutions: Innovating to Address Emerging Issues for Groundwater Resources Conference, 6-7 August, Arlington, VA, abstract only, 2019

The SafeGuard H2O Intelligent Trace Metal Remediation system was pilot tested at the Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District (HVLCSD) to study the technology's efficacy to continuously reduce Cr(VI) to below 10 parts per billion. The pilot site had a Cr(VI) level of 18-22 ppb with a well output of 1,100 gallons per minute. The technology features an online Cr(VI) analyzer to control and monitor system performance in real-time making the system suitable for HVLCSD's remote location. The pilot system was designed to minimize treated waste streams while demonstrating performance at scale, limiting the size and cost of the pilot unit, aiding the rapid deployment of the technology and minimizing disruption to the pilot site owing to its very small footprint. See presentation by K. Cloyd and R. Sistek for more information: Realtime Cr(VI)monitoring data, San Francisco Bay area:
Pilot test results:
See YouTube video on how the technology works:

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