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Battelle Energy Alliance LLC for U.S. DOE, Idaho National Laboratory.
Contract Opportunities from, Solicitations BA-947 & BA-975, 2019

Idaho National Laboratory is offering the opportunity to enter into a license and/or collaborative research agreement to commercialize two new rare earth element (REE) recovery technologies [NAICS code: 56292 - Materials Recovery].
BA-947. Engineered Microbes for Rare Earth Element Adsorption: This process is a novel bioengineering strategy in Caulobacter crescentus to achieve one-step separation of REEs from other co-contaminated ions in solution. The process can be applied to the geothermal and mining industries and to metal recycling. Expressions of interest are due by 11:00 AM ET on March 4, 2020.
BA-975. Rare Earth Metal Recovery: Researchers at INL have developed a new ionic liquid-based REE recovery process that overcomes the limitations of poor metal solubility and high viscosity associated with current technologies. The applications of this technology include rare earth metal production, recovering rare earth metals from mine tailings, and the recycling of magnets. Expressions of interest are due by 11:00 AM ET on March 5, 2020.

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