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Bogush, A.A., C. Dabu, V.D. Tikhova, J.K. Kim, and L.C. Campos.
Waste and Biomass Valorization [Published online 13 September 2019 prior to print]

The potential use of CPK-LA type and PK-LA type biomass ashes (BAs) to remediate acid mine drainage (AMD) was investigated in a lab study that used four BAs from different fuels (straw, meat and bone meal, poultry litter), synthetic AMD, and raw AMDs from Belovo and Ursk, Russia. Batch experiments showed that in 1 hour, biomass ash from straw combustion effectively neutralized synthetic AMD and the Belovo AMD with removal at the liquid-to-solid ratio (L/S) of 100-250 and 10-50, respectively. The biomass ashes from straw and poultry litter combustion effectively removed pollutants from the Ursk AMD at L/S 100 and adjusted pH. The metal concentrations of the treated AMDs met receiving water quality standards. Potential pollutants precipitated as carbonate/hydroxide/sulfate, co-precipitated with Fe oxyhydroxides and Ca phosphates, and appeared as new phases such as Ca, Cu, Zn phosphates and Ca, Fe phosphates.

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