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Papadopoulos, G., T. Asimakidou, D. Karfaridis, I. Kellartzis, G. Vourlias, M. Mitrakas, et al.
Water 11:2477(2019)

This study evaluates an integrated household water filtration setup for point-of-use applications to remove Cr(VI) from drinking water. A tin-based Cr(VI)-oriented adsorbent was tested under various contact times, pH values and Cr(VI) concentrations. The adsorbent is made of a chloride-substituted stannous oxy-hydroxide with a structure resembling that of the mineral abhurite. It demonstrated high reducing capacity that triggered the formation of insoluble Cr(III) hydroxides and the complete removal of Cr(VI) in high volumes of polluted water. Test operation of the filtration system verified its ability to produce Cr(VI)-free water in compliance with the impending drinking water regulation, even for extreme initial concentrations (1,000 g/L). This article is Open Access at

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