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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati Acquisition Div., OH.
Contract Opportunities on, Solicitation 68HERC19Q0120, 2020

EPA is interested in building models to quantitatively predict potential exposure for thousands of chemicals in commerce. To support these computational models, three kinds of exposure measurement data are required: (1) physical-chemical properties, (2) chemical emissions from products and building materials used indoors, and (3) chemical occurrence in products, environmental, and biological media. Methods and technologies to generate these data might include broad-spectrum chemical recognition/screening, metabolic profiling, and high-throughput screening. Results will be used in EPA's ExpoCast (Exposure Forecasting) project to evaluate, calibrate, and reduce uncertainty in exposure model predictions and to prioritize compounds for more in-depth testing and risk assessment. EPA requires contractor support to use appropriate rapid, high-throughput methods on sets of dozens to hundreds of industrial compounds from the growing ToxCast (Toxicity Forecasting) library of chemical standards, which is part of the Agency's Chemical Safety and Sustainability Strategic Research Action Plan. EPA will select compounds for evaluation in a minimum of 10 samples and a maximum of 500 samples per task order. Contractor shall furnish all resources to perform the contract PWS, to carry out the specific tasks identified in task orders, and to perform management functions, including meetings with EPA representatives to review issues, problems, and performance. Responses are due by 11:59 PM ET on April 14, 2020.

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