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Sepulveda, M. and J. Conder. SERDP/ESTCP Webinar Series, Webinar #109, April 2020

SERDP and ESTCP sponsored two presentations on projects that assess ecological risk for PFAS contamination. The first, entitled Development of PFAS Toxicity Reference Values in Amphibians for use in Ecological Risk Assessments of AFFF-Contaminated Sites, describes a project to develop PFAS toxicity reference values for amphibians at areas contaminated by aqueous film-forming foam and PFAS mixtures. The second, entitled Guidance for Assessing the Ecological Risks of Threatened and Endangered Species at Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)-Impacted Sites, describes a project to develop an approach that aids DoD in assessing ecological risks from PFASs to threatened and endangered species at aqueous film-forming foam-impacted sites. The objective of this project is to produce a white paper guidance document that will provide the DoD with a strategic overview of state-of-the-practice for the ecological risk assessment at DoD AFFF sites, and specific guidance on state-of-the-science approaches to quantitatively assess and manage PFAS risks.

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