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Nair, R.R., J.G. Russel, S. Pradeep, S.V. Ajay, and B. Krishnakumar.
Chemosphere 247:125947(2020)

A novel, ex-situ remediation process that washes perchlorate-contaminated soil with water and treats the wash water in a bioreactor was tested in a lab-scale unit continuously for three months. The bioreactor was inoculated with a perchlorate-reducing microbial consortium of Serratia marcescens, Bacillus pumilus, and Micrococcus sp supported by glucose (glucose/perchlorate ratio=5) and trace mineral solution. The system reused treated water for the next batch of sediment. Three washing cycles effectively removed the 2.5 g perchlorate spiked in 670 kg soil; it took 6.3 h and consumed ~360 L water. The pooled wash water containing 8.5 mg/L perchlorate was treated in the bioreactor operated at a 4.5 h hydraulic retention time and -200 mV oxidation-reduction potential.

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