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NAVFAC Online Webinar Series, June 10-July 1, 2020

RITS is NAVFAC's showcase for the latest environmental restoration technologies, methodologies, and guidance news. The seminar was developed for Navy remedial project managers to share the latest innovations and best practices. Others eligible to attend include DoD personnel, federal/state/local regulators, and contractors with an active Department of Navy ER contract. The topics include:
  1. Advances in Molecular Diagnostic Tools for Bioremediation and Monitored Natural Attenuation
  2. Strategies for Achieving Response Complete in 2021 and Beyond
  3. Assessing the Persistence and Behavior of Plumes with the REMChlor-MD Model
  4. Challenges and Strategies for Developing Ecological Risk Assessments
  5. Vapor Intrusion Mitigation - Design and Performance Monitoring
  6. Phytoremediation - State of the Practice and New Advances
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