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Subscriber Comments

"I have been a long time subscriber to CLU-IN Newsletter. I teach a graduate course in remediation engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. The newsletter and CLU-IN website are great resources for my students."
— TechDirect Subscriber

"TechDirect has been a great resource for me over my long career (spanning beyond the last 20 years) as it provided highlights to innovative solutions being developed for complex yet all too relevant challenges, gave insights into the cutting edge remedial approaches being developed, and helped identify emerging trends. More importantly, it has served (and I am sure will continue to serve) the global environmental assessment and remediation community by elevating the standard of practice. Well done."
— Environmental Consulant in Canada

"Thank you so very much for your past and future efforts to make TechDirect an indispensable resource for environmental remediation professionals."
— Environmental Consulant

"This has been an impressive and extremely useful service. Your work is so much appreciated. I have gathered countless tools from TechDirect and intel from Clu-in. I can't thank you enough. Thank you for the years of hard work and dedication."
— Environmental Consulant

"Many thanks for sending these techdirect updates. I especially find the online presentations excellent."
— Environmental Consulant in Canada

"Your newsletters are very timely and informative. Thanks, keep them coming."
— Environmental Consultant

"I've been a subscriber and occasional student for years and find your operation excellent. As a Region V Enforcement Counsel and Personnel Director alum, it makes me particularly proud to see such a fine service being provided under the USEPA logo."
— Consulant in California

"TechDirect is an excellent way of getting information out. I look forward to receiving your very informative emails. Excellent information. Keep up the great job! We in the field appreciate your efforts!!"
— Environmental Consultant

"I am an environmental consultant and subscribed to TechDirect about 5 years ago. This service is extremely valuable for me because I can keep myself informed about actual issues without having to spend much time on the net. Thank you very much."
— Consultant in Switzerland

"I have been receiving TechDirect now for a long time. I am not given to writing or effusive compliments but I want to say that this service is excellent. For example, in today's mailing, virtually every paragraph has a link I can use directly on a current project. Thanks for the excellent job you do."
— TechDirect Subscriber

"This is just a note to let you know that TechDirect has been a useful tool for me. I appreciate the concise nature of its contents and the links provided for those who might be interested in the details."
— California TechDirect Subscriber

"I am certainly among those who appreciate the work that you do, and I find your listings most helpful...Without a doubt, the EPA has done a first class job at making their information available freely around the world."
— International TechDirect Subscriber

"Just want to tell you that your service is a great help to us. Keep up with the good work!"
— TechDirect Subscriber

"This is grrrreat!"
— Environmental Consultant

"Thanks for the good work and information updates. Your efforts in the TechDirect information dissemination to us in Region 5 are greatly appreciated and have utmost usefulness to us all."
— OSC in Region 5

"TechDirect and are outstanding services. You guys are doing a bang-up job."
— TechDirect Subscriber

"Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I really appreciate this service! It's very helpful, especially when time is short and I often don't have the time to cruise the Net for new information. Thanks - I'm glad TechDirect exists!"
— TechDirect Subscriber in Colorado

"A while back you advertised some publications on the 1998 deadline for upgrading USTs. This was right on target for us. Thanks for helping out a small business."
— TechDirect Subscriber

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I do appreciate having TechDirect available to me. Having a specific Web address to find documents with unbiased information on some innovative technologies was very helpful and saved me hours of hunting for the information. Thanks!"
— Subscriber from Colorado

"The service you're providing is invaluable. You're providing a very quick and relatively easy way to share the latest developments in technology and regs. You're saving the rest of us tremendous leg work that probably would not get done."
— Environmental Consultant

"TechDirect is a great information-sharing tool! Over the last 2 months it has made us aware of useful publications; this past month I ordered 3 of the ones you highlighted. Great job, keep it up."
— Toxicologist

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with TechDirect. The format is easy to follow and it allows me to stay abreast of current remediation and environmental developments without spending hours surfing the Net. Please keep up the good work and I hope the funding continues as TechDirect is truly a valuable service. By the way, I usually write complaint letters, but TechDirect is too good to not send a letter of praise and thanks."
— Environmental Scientist

"Just wanted to thank you for ongoing work you do putting the TechDirect together. I have found the information very useful even as we are operating in a Canadian jusidiction."
— Engineer - Chemical company

"Keep up the good work ! TechDirect is a real help in keeping up with what's available and new. We look forward to future editions of TechDirect."
— Environmental Engineer

"Keep up the good work! The information provided by your service has been beneficial on several occasions."
— Subscriber from the Army Environmental Center

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your newsletter! I work on researching technology applications and markets for various clients, and your information is invaluable. I know that disseminating new technology for monitoring or remediation must be terribly hard -- like pushing a boulder up hill -- and I'm sure that your information helps this a lot. A great service for the community as well as me!"
— Subscriber to TechDirect

"Thank you very much for the TechDirect service. I appreciate it very much. It is a great idea."
— Subscriber from Danish EPA

"I find the information distributed with TechDirect very useful and pertinent to my environmental consulting practice."
— Environmental Consultant

"The TechDirect service is really wonderful. Congratulations on getting it off the ground."
— Subscriber from Canada

"Just wanted to say thanks for TechDirect. It makes keeping up on the latest a lot easier."
— Subscriber to TechDirect

"I always appreciate TechDirect and thanks for a good job."
— Subscriber to TechDirect

"Wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate TechDirect...I look forward to your message and updates on relevant publications and meetings, etc."
— Environmental Consultant

"I, and most of the environmental contractors I utilize, use CLU-IN as a resource. I have also told them about TechDirect, and all have joined. I find the information most helpful. First, in elucidating options for a particular problem. Second, and more importantly for me, in demonstrating to state regulatory officials that site problems can be addressed in various means. I download documents from each issue since I find them of great interest."
— Subscriber to TechDirect

"I work in environmental remediation consulting, and I often trip across new EPA publications that are several years old, and wonder how I was supposed to find out they exist. I really like the timeliness of how techdirect announces new EPA documents. It has led me to download a number of documents that I immediately apply to projects I am working on."
— Environmental Consultant

"Thanks for the most recent e-mailing of TechDirect. This is one of the best EPA information distribution services that I've seen. I really appreciate it. Please keep up the good work."
— Environmental Scientist

"The TechDirect are very helpful and informative..... I've found something of use in every directive. Keep up the good work!"
— EPA Subscriber

"Just a quick bit of feedback - I find the tech publication update very useful as I can rapidly download the latest information from the USA. Keep up the good work!"
— Subscriber from Australia

"Just want to let you know that I have downloaded most of the documents and shared with folks at my company working in the remediation area. We found this information very valuable to us. Thanks for this service."
— Corporate Fellow in Environmental Technology

"I am also excited about TechDirect. I think it will save us a lot of time hunting around for documents that we learn about from other sources and later try to track down."
— Subscriber from Delaware

"This is a great program for disseminating the availability of gov't documents that might well go unrecognized for a period of time. Please keep up the good work on this program!!"
— Senior Staff Chemist

"The information provided through TechDirect has been very useful and informative. We appreciate the efforts by your staff and keep up the good work"
— TechDirect Subscriber

"Just a note to tell you how valuable this service is. I am working at a regional planning commission here in New Brunswick. I am making extensive use of your citizen's guides and the more in depth material available from your service. Without you I would have to drive many miles to a library which may or may not have similar info. Thank you!"
— Subscriber from Canada

"Thanks also for posting the report on TechDirect. TechDirect will be a very useful service. It's really hard to keep on top of all the publications relevant to soil and ground water cleanup, and receiving a concise summary each month of the newest publications saves me and your other subscribers a lot of time."
— Subscriber from District of Columbia

"I subscribe to TechDirect and pass the information on to others in my office. I work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Remedial Investigation and Design Section of the Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste Branch. I am just passing this information along...I have found TechDirect to be very informative."
— Environmental Engineer

"I received a forward of the recent TechDirect. I ran out of ink printing out all the good stuff it led me to."
— TechDirect Subscriber

"I just wanted to let you know that I find these messages very helpful. As a woman who owns a small business that sells quality environmental monitoring instruments, I'm always interested in the latest and greatest technologies. Thanks."
— Subscriber from Wyoming

"I think TechDirect is a great service, and I like the fact that it's monthly, not daily or weekly. (How much e-mail can a man read in a day?) Thanks for the service"
— TechDirect Subscriber

"I just thought that I'd let you know that I put the latest issue of TechDirect to good use. There were several things of interest to me and some things that I sent on for perusal by some of our researchers."
— Professor of Chemical Engineering from Louisiana

"Thanks for your regular and informative e-mail and links. As the environmental industry seems to be evermore dependent on the interaction of the regulatory community and consultant/client liaison, it makes better sense to be on the same page whenever possible. Your well-thought and forward reaching e-mail is greatly appreciated. Thanks Again."
— TechDirect Subscriber

"I want to thank you for the tech direct service. I can not tell you how many items you have presented over time that have been of great value to me. the most recent was the chem ox guidance from ITRC. Please keep up this valuable service."
— TechDirect Subscriber

"Just a note to thank you for TechDirect - its extremely valuable to me. Thanks and keep up the good work."
— TechDirect Subscriber from South Africa

"I find your site (and the TechDirect e-mail list) to be very helpful tools for identifying new documents for our library's collection. Thanks for doing such a great job of making so much information easily accessible."
— Librarian in Illinois

"Just to let you know - I really appreciate this service and the fine job you and your staff do on the e-newsletter, website, training sessions, etc. It's been an invaluable resource!"
— TechDirect Subscriber in Wisconsin.

"...let me thank you for the useful goodies you send us."
— Subscriber in Greece

"I appreciate your monthly TECHDIRECT Memo and the diverse information it provides. I have both used the information provided, to lead to me to more in depth data, or passed it on to colleagues and clients who have benefited from the information, also."
— Consulant in California

"TechDirect provides up to date timely, accurate and correct information. It is very useful. Keep up the good work. Thanks."
— U.S. Bureau of Land Management Employee

"TechDirect is a fantastic service, keep up the good work."
— Subscriber from Australia

"I have been using your newsletter for many years, since its inception...To me it is an example of what EPA does right."
— EPA staff in Colorado

"Thank you for doing a great job on the e-newsletter. As an independent consultant, you have given me a cost-effective way to stay up-to-date on all the things I need to know."
— TechDirect Subscriber

"Thank you for continuing to circulate Tech Direct. I am a long-time subscriber and find a number of useful articles in each issue. I look forward to each edition of this newsletter as an opportunity to learn about new and innovative advances in the environmental sciences and related remediation fields. This newsletter is both a useful tool in my consulting practice, and a rich resource to my students."
— Environmental Engineer

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the information you distribute through TechDirect. This last one was full of information I can really use."
— Risk Assessor

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