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Characterization, Cleanup, and Revitalization of Mining Sites

Summary of Treatment Technologies for Mining-Influenced Water

The U.S. EPA Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation released a report in 2014 that highlights select mining-influenced water (MIW) treatment technologies used or piloted as part of remediation efforts at mine sites. The Reference Guide to Treatment Technologies for Mining-Influenced Water Adobe PDF Logo includes short descriptions of treatment technologies and information on the contaminants treated, pre-treatment requirements, long-term maintenance needs, performance, and costs. Sample sites illustrate considerations associated with selecting a technology. Website links and sources for more information on each topic are also included.

This online, searchable library lists technologies provided in Appendix A of the Reference Guide to Treatment Technologies for Mining-Influenced Water, which includes summary information for the technologies discussed in the body of the report, as well as additional technologies or products designed as passive or low cost treatment options.

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