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Global Efforts to Advance Remediation at Contaminated Sites


Technology innovation efforts of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Superfund Program focus on advancing state of the practice for remediation of contaminated sites. Advanced practices based on new or updated technologies, improved processes, and evolving science allow USEPA and other stakeholders to clean up contaminated sites in a more efficient and sustainable manner while achieving our core mission of protecting human health and the environment.

”Just as no country is immune from the impacts of climate change, no country can meet this challenge alone. That is why it is imperative for the United States to couple action at home with leadership internationally. America must help forge a truly global solution to this global challenge by galvanizing international action to significantly reduce emissions (particularly among the major emitting countries), prepare for climate impacts, and drive progress through the international negotiations.“

The President's Climate Action PlanAdobe PDF Logo
U.S. Executive Office of the President; June 2013

In light of today's global economy and environment, USEPA and other agencies throughout the world recognize the need to continuously exchange information and leverage lessons learned by organizations and professionals in diverse situations. Sharing of the knowledge and experiences increases productivity within our global community and helps us collectively refine our site remediation practices in ways that address global issues such as climate change.

USEPA's Superfund Program, which focuses on the nation's contaminated sites of highest priority, continues to expand capabilities for exchanging information globally as well as domestically through online methods such as websites and Internet seminars and through periodic meetings and conferences.

Featured Venues for Global Exchange

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USEPA Involvement in Other Efforts

The USEPA maintains international programs involving collaboration with partners from around the world to facilitate commerce, promote sustainable development, and protect vulnerable populations. The programs entail partnerships such as the:

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Cross-Language Communications

To address language barriers potentially affecting advancement of site remediation practices across the globe, USEPA's Technology Information and Field Services Division periodically convenes non English-speaking events

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For more information on Global Efforts to Advance Remediation at Contaminated Sites, please contact:

Carlos Pachon
Technology Integration and Information Branch

PH: (703) 603-9904 | Email: pachon.carlos@epa.gov