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Ecological Revitalization Project Profiles Database

Welcome to the Ecological Revitalization Project Profiles Database

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed this website to summarize timely information about the use of ecological revitalization at contaminated properties. Ecological revitalization refers to the process of returning land from a contaminated state to one that supports a functioning and sustainable habitat. Although the final decision on how a property is reused is inherently a local decision that often rests with the property owner, EPA actively supports and encourages ecological revitalization, when appropriate, during and after the assessment and cleanup of contaminated properties under its cleanup programs. This website contains information about completed and on-going projects where ecological revitalization was involved in solutions to various environmental concerns. As of December 2013, 152 project profiles are available on this website. These profiles provide information on site history, contaminants of concern and the ecological revitalization approach taken at each site. Technical considerations, long-term stewardship and operation and maintenance requirements are also included in each profile.

EPA is continuing its efforts to examine trends in the use of ecological revitalization. Areas of particular interest include cost, performance, treatment type, soil amendments, and solutions to issues that occurred. As further information is obtained, EPA plans to update and expand this website with new ecological revitalization project profiles and update information about existing project profiles.

For more information or to update or add a new profile, please contact:

Michele Mahoney, EPA
(703) 603-9057