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Ecological Revitalization Project Profiles Database

Description of Website

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI) is interested in providing federal and state project managers and others with timely information about developments in the field of ecological revitalization. This website contains information about completed and on-going projects where ecological revitalization was involved in solutions to various environmental concerns. As of December 2013, 152 project profiles are available on this website. These profiles provide information on site history, contaminants of concern, and the ecological revitalization approach taken at the site. Technical considerations, long-term stewardship, and operation and maintenance requirements are also included in each profile.

This website can be used as a networking tool (each profile lists a contact) to identify past solutions and lessons learned that would apply to new sites with similar contaminants and conditions.

The ecological revitalization project profiles on the website describe the use of revitalization at specific sites. The profiles contain a summary of available information, including:

  • Site Information
    • Site name, location and cleanup program
    • Entity responsible for cleanup
  • Project Information
    • Project name
    • Site history and background
    • Site use prior to revitalization
    • Final use after revitalization – The final use of the land after the revitalization process is complete (open space, ready-for-reuse, wildlife refuge, etc.).
    • Habitats created or restored – Any habitats that are created or restored on an entire property or on a portion of a property through ecological revitalization (wetland, grassland, stream, etc.).
    • Soil amendments – Any soil amendments that are used to aid in soil growth and health. Soil amendments are materials added to soils in order to make them suitable for sustaining plant life or development.
    • Contaminated media type and concentration – The contaminated media type (soil, groundwater, debris, etc.) as well as the concentration of the contaminant in each specific media.
    • Specific geology or hydrology to the site
    • Contaminant types and concentrations – Lists all contaminants of concern and their concentrations for a portion or the entire site.
    • Remediation technology – The technology used to remediate the contaminated media and site.
    • Remedy description
    • Operations and maintenance (O&M) requirements – O&M for the overall cleanup typically includes inspection, sampling and analysis, routine maintenance and small repairs, and reporting, as necessary. Any additional O&M requirements, including those specific to ecological revitalization activities, are listed.
    • Long-term stewardship at the site – Long-term stewardship as state voluntary cleanup programs and property owners have primary responsibility for carrying out maintenance of engineering controls and ICs for the long-term.
    • Issues faced
    • Solutions for issues faced
  • Additional Information
    • Points of contact
    • References

Data Sources

EPA obtained data from EPA websites and information provided by site managers to prepare the profiles.

How to Search the website

The website provides a search engine that allows a user to search the profiles by site name, country, state, EPA region, cleanup program, site type, remediation technology, final use, habitats created or restored, issues faced, contaminants, or contaminated media.

How to Provide Updates about a Ecological Revitalization Project Profile or to Submit a New Profile

To provide information about a new or updated ecological revitalization projects, please contact Michele Mahoney of EPA's OSRTI at

Additional Resources

EPA resources containing general information about ecological revitalization projects are available in the EPA Hazardous Waste Cleanup Information (CLU-IN) Ecotools; Tools for Ecological Land Reuse Other sources of information include:

Future Plans for the Website

EPA is preparing more profiles and links for more information on ecological revitalization projects as information becomes available. A goal of this project is to acquire and provide more data on cost and performance for various ecological revitalization projects.

Feedback on this Website

Send your feedback and comments to Michele Mahoney of EPA's OSRTI, by e-mail at, or by telephone at (703) 603-9057.