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Optimization Review Report: Saunders Supply Company Superfund Site Suffolk County, Virginia, EPA Region 3 (EPA 542-R-16-004)

The Saunders Supply Company Superfund Site is located in Suffolk County, Virginia, in EPA Region 3, and is a 7-1/3 acre former wood treating plant. The source areas included wastewater ponds, treatment areas, and burn pits located on the Saunders property and were remediated by removing liquids and contaminated soil. Primary contaminants are currently pentachlorophenol (PCP), arsenic, and chromium in groundwater. The site is in the operation and maintenance (O&M) phase and uses a groundwater pump and treat (P&T) system to control migration of the contaminants and remove contaminant mass from the aquifer. An optimization review team was assembled and met with regulatory stakeholders and consultants at the site to observe site conditions, review site data and remediation goals, and discuss the technical aspects of the existing remedy and its performance toward achieving remediation goals. This report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the optimization review team.

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