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Upcoming Phytoremediation Courses and Conferences and Archived Online Events

CLU-IN's Upcoming Courses and Conferences area features events related to innovative treatment and site characterization technologies, while the CLU-IN Studio contains live and archived videos, Internet seminars, and conference webcasts.

Assessing Native Plants for a Constructed Wetland
T. Defries, L. Dockery, J. Pagan, A.P. Sequeira Da Cruz Pina, and W. Whitman.
University of Hawai'i, 2007

The suitability of native wetland plant species for a proposed constructed wetland in Hawaii has been evaluated based on hydrologic characteristics, availability, and the ability to cope with pollutants in urban runoff. Conclusions are made on potentially favorable species relative to the wetland design, and additional information is suggested for further planning.

Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) Training Opportunities

ITRC prepares training courses for the exchange of technical and regulatory information in both classroom and online formats. Check for upcoming ITRC course topics on the ITRC Web site. After presentation, the online courses are archived on CLU-IN.

Phytoremediation: Controlling Pollution With Plants: Phytoremediation Lesson Plan, Grades 9-12
Arnold, D.J., N.J. Hazuka, D.L. Herring, D.L. Murray, S. Williamson, and B. Frankhouser. National Energy Technology Laboratory, Lesson plan duration: 2-5 sessions, 2011