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Vapor Intrusion (VI) Investigation using the Trace Atmospheric Gas Analyzer (TAGA) Mobile Laboratories
Internet Seminar
Vapor intrusion has been a topic of intense interest in the United States for the recent past. The concern that the vapor intrusion pathway poses is whether an unacceptable risk exists for the occupants. To determine the risk associated with the vapor intrusion pathway, confounding factors due to the presence of these chemical from other sources need to be qualitatively and quantitatively identified so that the contributions from the vapor intrusion alone can be assessed. Because risk is compound specific and many compounds have unacceptable chronic risk levels at extremely low concentrations, an analytical technique is needed that has high selectivity and sensitivity, as well as, continuous real-time analytical updates to accurately and economically assess vapor intrusion sites. This presentation addresses a technology and practice that meets these requirements. This webinar is a result of Recommendation 9 of EPA's Superfund Task Force, which encourages the Superfund program to "utilize state-of-the-art technologies to expedite cleanup." Actions under this recommendation include expanding the use of new remediation technologies and approaches to address contaminated sites.
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