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U.S EPA and RAIS Screening Level Calculator Training for Chemical and Radionuclide Risk Analysis
04/14/2020 - 04/17/2020
Oak Ridge, TN
This 4 day training will review EPA risk assessment tools for chemicals and radionuclides as well as the Risk Assessment Information System. The first day of training will be tours of the spallation neutron source facility and the high flux isotope reactor. The second and third days of the training are focused on chemical risk assessment and include tours of Summit supercomputer and the historic graphite reactor. The optional fourth day of the training is exclusively about radiation risk and dose assessment. This training is primarily intended for fresh and seasoned environmental professionals working on risk assessment projects at the Federal or State level. The risk calculators covered in this training are used by many State government agencies, Federal agencies, and university staff and researchers. Participants, educators, and project managers will also benefit from the training. A very basic knowledge of risk assessment, computer usage, web browsing, and good manners is assumed.
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