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Vapor Intrusion

Community Engagement

Early and frequent community engagement regarding vapor intrusion sites is important. Vapor intrusion is a complex issue requiring explanation of many technical terms and concepts in order to achieve successful community involvement in site decisions. There are several resources available to regulators to help them involve the community in decisions about sampling in and around homes and businesses as well as installing and maintaining mitigation systems. There also are resources available to communities and other stakeholders to help them understand the complex technical issues behind identifying and mitigating vapor intrusion.

For Stakeholders and Community

A Stakeholder's Guide to Vapor IntrusionAdobe PDF Logo
Seigel, Lenny, 5 pp, November 2009.

A nine-page general introduction to vapor intrusion and investigation and remedial techniques.

STAKEHOLDERS SPEAK UP A Summary of Community Views at the National Forum on Vapor Intrusion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Adobe PDF Logo
Seigel, Lenny, 5pp, January 2009.

Indoor Air─A Fact Sheet for Homeowners, Air & Waste Management Association

Points out many of the sources of indoor air contaminants and what you can do about them.

Fact Sheet: Vapor Intrusion & Indoor Air Contamination from Waste Sites
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Short fact sheet answers questions like How do vapors get into buildings?, What contaminants might be entering my home?,  Why is vapor intrusion a concern?, and What happens if a problem is found?

Technical Guidelines

Adobe PDF LogoBrownfields Technology Primer: Vapor Intrusion Considerations for Redevelopment
EPA 542-R-08-001, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 49 pp, March 2008.

Primer is designed for land revitalization stakeholders concerned about vapor intrusion, including property owners, municipalities, and real estate developers. It provides an overview of the vapor intrusion issue and how it can affect redevelopment. It also summarizes techniques for quickly and cost effectively assessing the potential for vapor intrusion, as well as techniques for mitigating it.

Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical GuideAdobe PDF Logo
Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council, 172 pp, January 2007.

Appendix A provides a listing of items that individuals conducting a vapor intrusion study should be prepared to address.

Adobe PDF LogoFacts About…Vapor Intrusion
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, 2 pp.

Fact sheet provides general information to the public about vapor intrusion and is intended to supplement other technical guidance documents prepared by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Implementing Effective Community Engagement at Vapor Intrusion Sites

Guidance for Communicating Vapor Intrusion at Environmental Restoration SitesAdobe PDF Logo
Naval Facilities Engineering Command and Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center. 46 pp, 2014

This guide provides Navy environmental RPMs with recommendations for notifying and relaying information regarding VI investigations to Base personnel and potentially affected occupants of industrial, office, or residential buildings at Navy activities. In addition to a communication strategy, the document provides examples of fact sheets, notification letters, and posters that explain what VI is and the plan to mitigate it.

Risk Communication and Risk Management at Vapor Intrusion Sites – Ignore at Your Own RiskAdobe PDF Logo
Ivens, Ellen, presented at Vapor Intrusion 2010 in Chicago, IL, 13 pp, September 2010.

A comparison of the different communications strategies applied at two vapor intrusion sites and their outcomes, illustrates the common principles and pitfalls for consultants.

Lenape Manufacturing Site, Perkasie, Bucks County, PAAdobe PDF Logo
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2pp, October 26, 2009.

EPA public notice explains an upcoming soil vapor intrusion investigation in a neighborhood. Explains sampling plan, work schedule, next steps, etc.

Vapor Intrusion Public Participation Advisory Adobe PDF Logo
California EPA, Department of Toxic Substances Control, 109 pp, 2012.

This Advisory describes public participation approaches designed to facilitate effective communication and coordination with communities and stakeholders affected by or concerned with vapor intrusion at sites that have a potentially complete indoor air exposure pathway.


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