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EPA Accepting Technology Solution Submissions Related to the BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

EPA has created a single site for technology solution submissions related to the response and clean up of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. All submissions will be forwarded to the appropriate reviewing official, who will contact submitters if needed. Please refer to the instructions listed on the submission form regarding the types of information that will be accepted. For questions about the response, call the Joint Information Center at 985-902-5231 or 985-902-5240.
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Vendor Information

EPA created the REACH IT System to compile and share information on treatment and characterization technologies for a range of contaminant types and media. After being launched in 1999 as a replacement for the VISITT, Vendor FACTS, and ITT databases, REACH IT was populated over time with information on over 500 remediation technologies and 260 characterization technologies. With the evolution of on-line search services and engines and the development of a range of other resources on technologies and vendors coupled with resource limitations, EPA discontinued the on-line REACH IT System in 2006. Limited technology vendor information from the EPA REACH IT System has been preserved on this website through a searchable Vendor Directory that is updated quarterly.

Technology Vendors are encouraged to use the CLU-IN Vendor and Developer Support area as a resource for other methods to promote their tools.

The National Contingency Plan (NCP) Subpart J Product Schedule

EPA Office of Emergency Management prepares a schedule of dispersants, other chemicals, and oil spill mitigating devices and substances that may be used to remove or control oil discharges. The Emergency Management section of EPA's website has information on how to get your product listed on this product schedule.