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Business Planning and Funding

Links to Further Information on Funding Concepts and Techniques


Business Owners Toolkit (CHH Incorporated): Getting Financing for Your Business




This training module explains how a business organization can be financed, and the advantages and disadvantages of using venture capital, "angels," sales of securities, franchising, and employee stock ownership plans. It also describes the types of loans and lenders, and what lenders are looking for.

This training module is designed to help entrepreneurs and managers identify relevant traits about a business' financing profile and understand the various financing sources that may be available for the business or project. It emphasizes practical information on selecting the most suitable sources of funding. CCH Incorporated has been a provider of business, legal, and tax information and software to the business community in the U.S. and abroad since 1913.

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MoreBusiness.com: Funding Sources




This commercial site provides many articles on funding approaches and provides a referral service to hundreds of potential debt and equity funding sources.

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