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Demonstration & Testing


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This section includes links to organizations that may assist technology developers and other interested parties in testing, demonstrating, and evaluating their technologies. A technology to be demonstrated usually has completed laboratory testing and, when applicable, initial small-scale field testing.

Prior to being commercialized, the technology vendor generally will need to gain experience with its application at an actual waste site or at a facility that can approximate the conditions at an actual site. At such a site, the vendor can conduct trials of a technology to evaluate and verify its cost, performance, and market potential. The data generated are used to demonstrate acceptance or validation of a technology. Testing also can support the future implementation of a technology through the development of appropriate guidance, design, and protocol documents. Some of the organizations listed in this area also provide third-party independent evaluations.

The links include organizations with publicly-sponsored facilities available for testing and demonstration of site characterization and remediation technologies, and where assistance may be found for the process of verification or certification. Many of the referenced organizations offer a wide variety of services and partnerships. It is best to check with each one depending on the specific needs of a technology development project.

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