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Commercialization & Contracts


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Once it has been demonstrated that a technology is capable of achieving its stated objectives in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, the technology is ready for commercialization, the process of deploying it in the marketplace. This process entails refining the marketing plan to identify specific potential opportunities for applying the technology, advertising, and contracting. Information and sources on general advertising and market analysis are provided in the first two sections of this area of the website (Market Analysis and Business Planning and Funding). The sources below can help a technology developer get the word out to the general remediation community as well as find specific contracting opportunities.

Market/Commercialization Information from the Technology Innovation News Survey
Spreading the Word

The sources in this section include databases and other mechanisms for making information about a technology available to the remediation community.

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The links in this section are to organizations that contract for site cleanup and remediation services. These sources include descriptions of contracting practices and plans as well as specific procurements.

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Export Assistance

The links in this section are to programs that promote the exchange of information, contacts, advice, and events that foster international trade in environmental technology. Sources that address export market funding are listed in the Business Planning and Funding section of this web site area.

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