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Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) Update

Notices for October 5-11, 2015

This update contains summaries of procurement notices issued between October 5-11, 2015 that pertain to hazardous waste, investigation and cleanup of environmental contamination, and related environmental topics. However, it does not necessarily contain EVERY notice on these topics.

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SOL: N6889816RCBG806
DUE: 101315
POC: Denise Hinojosa, Contract Specialist, denise.hinojosa@us.af.mil, 843-963-4502; Tarha A. Burchell, Contracting Officer, tarha.burchell.2@us.af.mil, 843-963-5168, Fax: 843-963-5183.
WEB: FBO.gov Permalink at https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USAF/AMC/437CONS/N6889816RCBG806/listing.html
NAICS: 541380. This Sources Sought is being issued for planning purposes only and is neither a solicitation nor a presolicitation. The 628th Contracting Squadron at Joint Base Charleston, SC, is conducting market research to determine the availability of small business contractors who are capable of providing the following service/supply items: The Contractor shall provide analytical testing services for Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure Metals for the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command (NNPTC) at Joint Base Charleston - Weapons Station, Goose Creek, SC. Minimum capabilities: (1) Must be located within 20 miles of the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command (NNPTC) at Joint Base Charleston - Weapons Station, Goose Creek, SC. (2) Must be able to provide test results within 10 calendar days. (3) Must be certified by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC). A fixed-price type contract is contemplated. The applicable NAICS code is 541380, with a small business size standard of $15M. CAPABILITY STATEMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY OR BEFOE 2:00 PM ET ON OCTOBER 13, 2015.
CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=4a9581300bcb0f525e9f15d902bbec0a&tab=core&_cview=0
Posted: 10/06/15
SPONSOR: Department of the Air Force, Air Mobility Command, 628th CONS, 101 E. Hill Blvd, Bldg 503, Charleston AFB, South Carolina 29404-5021
PUBLICATION DATE: October 8, 2015

SOL: W912P5-16-R-0001
DUE: 101615
POC: Isaac J. Taylor, 615-736-5679, isaac.j.taylor@usace.army.mil.
WEB: FBO.gov Permalink at https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USA/COE/DACA62/W912P5-16-R-0001/listing.html
NAICS: 562910. This RFI is issued solely for informational, market research, and planning purposes only. It does not constitute an Invitation for Bid, RFQ, or RFP, nor a promise to issue an RFQ/IFB/RFP in the future. No solicitation document exists at this time. USACE Nashville District anticipates awarding up to three 5-year firm-fixed-price Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) IDIQ service/construction contracts with a pool capacity of $20M. The anticipated solicitation release date is currently unavailable. A synopsis will be posted for at least 30 calendar days prior to the response deadline. The purpose of the contract will be to provide a full range of non-Architect-Engineer (A-E) environmental services to the various Districts within the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (LRD) and Fort Campbell, Ky. The environmental services will fall generally under the categories of environmental compliance and environmental restoration. Examples of the types of services under these categories that may be ordered under this contract are given in the FedBizOpps notice, although actual services ordered under task orders will not be limited to those examples. The Contractor shall furnish all materials, equipment, supplies, plant and personnel, and all other services required to perform the environmental services outlined and as specifically identified in individual task orders. Only U.S. Small Businesses under NAICS 562910, Remediation Services, size standard of $20.5M, are requested to respond to this RFI. SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY OR BEFORE 9:00 AM CT ON OCTOBER 16, 2015, via email to Isaac J. Taylor, Contract Specialist, Isaac.J.Taylor@usace.army.mil. Supplemental materials such as company brochures and literature may also be submitted. Do not submit proprietary and/or business confidential data. Email is the preferred method for transmitting responses to this synopsis.
CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=1d6d6fcab2db210def00a9f93b4a5919&tab=core&_cview=0
Posted: 10/09/15
SPONSOR: Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Nashville, P.O. Box 1070, 801 Broad Street, Nashville, TN 37202-1070
PUBLICATION DATE: October 11, 2015

SOL: N00253-16-R-0001
DUE: 101615
POC: Anita Moosmiller, Contract Specialist, anita.moosmiller@navy.mil, 360-315-8501.
WEB: FBO.gov Permalink at https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DON/NAVSEA/N00253/N00253-16-R-0001/listing.html
NAICS: 562211. Market Research is being conducted to determine all potential socio-economic small businesses and large businesses interested in and capable of providing the services identified in this notice. The applicable NAICS Code for this requirement is 562211 with a small business size standard of $38.5M. Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Keyport is seeking sources for a one-time pickup and disposal of 20 Mark 50 torpedo boilers, both fired (expended) and unfired. Boilers contain hazardous material, and no detonation or treatment is to be conducted on site. MK 50 boilers consist of MK 1 Mod 0, Mod 1, and Mod 2. Mod 0 and Mod 1 contain 15.8 lbs. of lithium and 4.25 of ALCLO (aluminum and potassium perchlorate). MK1 Mod 2 boilers contain 17.8 lbs. of micro-encapsulated (Teflon) lithium and 0.2436 lbs. (13 ft. at 8.5 grams/ft.) of detonation cord (Det-cord). The lithium in both types is contained in an Inconel 625 shell and surrounded by 316 stainless Steel tubing. Total weight is approximately 65 pounds each. Expended boilers will contain various amounts of unreacted lithium and by-products (lithium sulfide and lithium fluoride). The exact amount depends upon the utilization (percent of the initial lithium fuel load that has been reacted) which varies from boiler to boiler. Methods of approved processes for treatment, recycle, or disposal include safe activation of ALCLO (if required), freezing, shearing, cutting using band saw, pulverization using hammer mill, hydrolysis, and incineration. Open burning/detonation of MK 50 boiler is not approved. Methods must follow EPA regulations for transportation and disposal of hazardous materials. Interested vendors capable of performing this service are asked to complete the voluntary questionnaire attached to the FedBizOpps notice. All information will be kept confidential and will not be disseminated to the public. This Sources Sought Notice and Market Research Questionnaire is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government, nor will the Government pay for the information submitted in response. SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY OR BEFORE 11:59 PM ET, OCTOBER 16, 2015.
CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=38d01d11461ac2daf5ecfb0d0116e688&tab=core&_cview=0
Posted: 10/05/15
SPONSOR: Department of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command, NUWC Keyport Division, 610 Dowell Street, Keyport, Washington 98345-7610
PUBLICATION DATE: October 7, 2015

SOL: W911XK-16-R-0001
DUE: 102315
POC: Bruce M. Walrad, bruce.m.walrad@usace.army.mil, 313-226-2134; Robert Austin, robert.w.austin@usace.army.mil.
WEB: FBO.gov Permalink at https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USA/COE/DACA35/W911XK-16-R-0001/listing.html
NAICS: 541330. USACE is considering a sole-source negotiated contract with environmental engineering firm ARCADIS to provide services associated with the delineation and mitigation of contaminated harbor sediment. This action is considered under the statutory authority of 41 U.S.C. 3304(a)(1) as implemented by FAR Part 6.302-1(a)(2)(iii)(A). The Government intends to continue the subject action following the required posting period for this notice. Interested parties who feel they have relevant information or the capability to support this action in a competitive manner may indicate their interest and capability in a written statement to the identified point of contact no later than 2:00 PM ET on October 23, 2015. Each response to this notice must demonstrate the firm's interest and capabilities to provide an equivalent service with the stated capabilities within the stated timeframe. Each submission shall be considered and will be evaluated solely for the purpose of determining whether or not to conduct this procurement on a competitive basis. Oral communications are not an acceptable response.
CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=48852117934c4de224cbc82dda6b63f1&tab=core&_cview=1
Posted: 10/07/15
SPONSOR: Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Detroit, 477 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48226
PUBLICATION DATE: October 9, 2015

SOL: SOL-NC-16-00001
POC: Jeffery Clodfelter, Clodfelter.Jeffery@epa.gov.
WEB: FBO.gov Permalink at https://www.fbo.gov/spg/EPA/OAM/CMD/SOL-NC-16-00001/listing.html
NAICS: 541712. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) contemplates awarding approximately 18 firm-fixed-price contracts of $100,000 each under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Phase I, during Fiscal Year 2016. During Phase I (covered by this solicitation) contractors shall conduct feasibility-related experimental research or R&D efforts on the following agency topics: Topic 1: Air and Climate, Topic 2: Integrated Cookstove-Heating-Electricity Generation for Small Homes, Topic 3: Manufacturing, Topic 4: Toxic Chemicals, Topic 5: Water, Topic 6: Building Materials, and Topic 7: Homeland Security. The Phase I awards are expected to be made by July 16, 2016. The period of performance for each Phase I contract will be six months. Upon successful completion of an EPA SBIR Phase I contract, the Phase I contractors will receive the Phase II solicitation and may submit proposals for competitive evaluation. Funding for Phase II shall be based upon the results of Phase I, the quality and soundness of the Phase II work plan and the commercial potential of Phase II technology. Proposals submitted in response to the solicitation must directly pertain to EPA's environmental mission and must be responsive to EPA program interest included in the topic descriptions identified in the solicitation. This procurement is a total small business set-aside, NAICS code 541712, with a Small Business Size Standard of 500 employees. THE ANTICIPATED RELEASE DATE OF EPA'S 2015 SBIR PHASE 1 SOLICITATION IS OCTOBER 22, 2015, WITH AN EXPECTED DUE DATE OF DECEMBER 10, 2015. The solicitation, amendments, and all pertinent documents will be available at https://www.fedconnect.net/FedConnect/?doc=SOL-NC-16-00001&agency=EPA. The Small Business Administration maintains and manages a Company Registry at www.SBIR.gov to track ownership and affiliation requirements for all companies applying to the SBIR Program. The SBIR Policy Directive (dated February 24, 2014) requires each small business concern applying for a Phase I or Phase II award to register in the Company Registry prior to submitting a proposal to any federal agency participating in the SBIR Program. Direct any questions on this solicitation to Jeffery Clodfelter, Contract Specialist, at Clodfelter.Jeffery@epa.gov.
CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=c099f079017af8bb76bbf1a4184461d9&tab=core&_cview=0
Posted: 10/08/15
SPONSOR: Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Acquisition Management (OAM), RTP Procurement Operations Division (RTPPOD), 109 T.W. Alexander Drive, Mail Code: AA005, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
PUBLICATION DATE: October 10, 2015

SOL: W912HN-15-R-0035
POC: Mark A. Hiscox, Contract Specialist, mark.a.hiscox@usace.army.mil, 912-652-5030; Adrian Goolsby, Contracting Officer, adrian.e.goolsby@usace.army.mil, 912.652.5289, Fax: 912.652.6061.
WEB: FBO.gov Permalink at https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USA/COE/DACA21/W912HN-15-R-0035/listing.html
NAICS: 562910. The official solicitation number for the Regional Environmental Acquisition Tool: Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) will be posted under W912HN-15-R-0035 on or about October 23, 2015. The POC has changed from Mr. Melvin Sloan to Mr. Mark Hiscox. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, intends to advertise for the award of a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) with a pool comprising up to four IDIQ-type contracts with a total capacity of $48M. The geographic areas to be served by these contracts will be all states within SAD (Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina), Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Central America. This acquisition will be solicited and awarded on a competitive basis and will be set-aside to economically disadvantaged small business participants in the 8(a) program. The applicable NAICS code is 562910. Awarded contracts will consist of a 3-year base period and one 2-year option period. All MATOC awardees will be given fair opportunity to compete for subsequent task orders. The Government reserves the right to reject any and all offers. This solicitation will be issued in electronic format only, and its release is anticipated within 14 days of the posting of this notice at FedBizOpps.
CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=b7e7662faeee6f3d98fbbbd43bdb2341&tab=core&_cview=0
Posted: 10/08/15
SPONSOR: Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Savannah, Attn: CESAS-CT, 100 W. Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah, Georgia 31402-0889
PUBLICATION DATE: October 10, 2015