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Federal Contract Opportunities Update

Notices for March 16-22, 2020

Effective November 12, 2019, was retired, and is now the authoritative source for federal contract opportunities. This update contains summaries of procurement notices issued between March 16-22, 2020, that pertain to hazardous waste, investigation and cleanup of environmental contamination, and related environmental topics; however, it does not necessarily contain EVERY notice on these topics. If you would like to search for additional current and archived notices, please visit the Beta.SAM Contract Opportunities website.

NOTE: Beta.SAM assigns a new URL EVERY TIME a solicitation is updated, which means the links given here will not reflect future changes. To monitor for updates, either enter the SOL at the Beta.SAM search interface or use the "Follow" icon (if a registered user).

SOL: 36C26320Q0247
DUE: Mar 26, 2020
NAICS: 562112. THIS REQUIREMENT IS 100% SET-ASIDE FOR SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESSES (SDVOSB), NAICS code 562112, size standard $41.5M. The Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Midwest Healthcare Network (VISN 23), Black Hills Health Care System, has a requirement for qualified firms capable of providing hazardous waste removal services in accordance with the Statement of Work and all current federal, state and local laws and regulations. Contractor shall provide transport and disposal of hazardous, non-hazardous, dual, lab pack, universal waste, and other wastes as specified in this contract, including transport and disposal of infectious, bio-hazardous, radiological or pathological waste if these items need to be disposed of through this contract. The Government intends to award a single firm-fixed-price contract. The performance period will begin 04/01/2020. OFFERS ARE DUE BY 4:00 PM ON MARCH 26, 2020.
Posted: Mar 17, 2020
SPONSOR: Dept of Veterans Affairs, Network Contract Office 23 (36C263), Saint Paul, MN.

SOL: 36C24620Q0258
DUE: Mar 30, 2020
NAICS: 562910. Contractor shall provide all labor, parts, travel, tools, material, equipment, supervision and technical expertise necessary for the removal and disposal of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead, mold, and minor flooring repair work at the VA Medical Center, Hampton, Virginia 23667. Period of performance is Base plus four option years. Contractor shall begin performance within 14 calendar days of Notice to Proceed and complete it within 365 calendar days. Guaranteed minimum dollar amount per option year: $20,000.00. OFFERS ARE DUE BY 1:00 PM ET ON MARCH 30, 2020. [NOTE: The presolicitation notice for this solicitation said, "This solicitation is anticipated to be a service-disabled veteran-owned small business set-aside." However, the solicitation does not confirm that status.]
Posted: Mar 16, 2020
SPONSOR: Dept of Veterans Affairs, 246-Network Contracting Office 6 (36C246), Hampton, VA.

SOL: 36C25620Q0427
DUE: Apr 1, 2020
NAICS: 562211. The purpose of this source sought notice is market research to locate interested companies that can furnish the requirements listed in the PWS attached to the notice at beta.sam to provide hazardous and non-hazardous waste services at the Central Arkansas VAMC, 4300 West 7th Street, Little Rock, AR 72205. Contractor shall provide all labor and personnel for hazardous waste, nonhazardous waste, and universal waste service to include completion of manifests, materials, supervision, equipment, labels, collection, analyzing, sorting, preparation, packaging, transportation, and disposal of hazardous waste by means of incineration, fuel blending, and/or reclamation/recycling for John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital in Little Rock, AR, and the Eugene Towbin Medical Center in North Little Rock, AR, together known as the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System. RESPONSES ARE DUE BY 2:00 PM CT ON APRIL 1, 2020.
Posted: Mar 18, 2020
SPONSOR: Dept of Veterans Affairs, 256-Network Contract Office 16 (36C256), Ridgeland, MS.

SOL: W91QF4-20-R-0009
DUE: Apr 13, 2020
NAICS: 562910. THIS REQUIREMENT IS A TOTAL SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE, NAICS code 562910 (Remediation Services), size standard 750 Employees. The scope of this requirement is to abate specific areas in specified buildings on Ft. Leavenworth. Final air clearance testing must be 3rd certified party for occupied buildings. No discovery sampling is needed. Environmental already has the test results for the specific areas. OFFERS ARE DUE BY 12:00 NOON CT ON APRIL 13, 2020.
Posted: ar 18, 2020
SPONSOR: Dept of the Army, Mission & Installation Contracting Command, FDO Eustis, W6QM MICC-FT Leavenworth, KS.

SOL: 70Z03720QP3200500
DUE: Apr 16, 2020
NAICS: 541620. THIS REQUIREMENT IS A TOTAL SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE, NAICS code 541620, small business standard 500 personnel. U.S. Coast Guard Base Alameda requires the following: Provide labor, materials, tools, equipment and licenses as required to conduct a thorough risk assessment in accordance with EPA and HUD guidelines for 34 housing units at Novato (Hamilton Field), Novato, California 94949, for asbestos-containing materials (ACM), radon hazards, lead-based paint (LBP), and lead hazards in paint, dust, and soil in accordance with the statement of work. All interested vendors/contractors are encouraged to visit the actual location prior to submission of bids/proposals. All bids/proposals will be evaluated based on technical knowledge and experience, flexibility working in a military environment, and price (not necessarily in that order). Please send all price quotes via email. SUBMISSION DEADLINE OF BIDS/PRICE QUOTES IS 11:59 PM PT ON APRIL 16, 2020.
Posted: Mar 16, 2020
SPONSOR: U.S. Coast Guard, HQ Contract Operations (CG-912)(0000) Washington, DC.

SOL: SP450020R0014
DUE: Apr 20, 2020
NAICS: 562211. THIS ACQUISITION IS BEING ISSUED AS A TOTAL SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE under NAICS code 562211, size standard $41.5M. Work will consist of the removal, transportation, and disposal of RCRA hazardous wastes, non-RCRA wastes, state-regulated wastes, non-state regulated wastes, Universal Wastes, compressed gases, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) located on or around military installations or within a 50-mile radius of any pick up point listed on this contract in the state of Texas. The contract is anticipated to have a 30-month base period (6 June 2020 to 5 December 2022) and a 30-month option period. PROPOSALS ARE DUE BY 3:00 PM ET ON APRIL 20, 2020.
Posted: Mar 19, 2020
SPONSOR: Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Dispostion Service - EBS, Battle Creek, MI.

SOL: W911KB-20-R-0005
DUE: Apr 20, 2020
NAICS: 562910. THIS ACQUISITION IS ISSUED AS 100% TOTAL SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE under NAICS code 562910 (Environmental Remediation Services), size standard 750 employees. The Fence-to-Fence acquisition will be awarded as a Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) indefinite delivery contract (IDC) contract consisting of a base year and four one-year options. Overall program capacity is $35M. The resultant IDC will have firm-fixed-price (FFP) task orders. The objective of this contract is to provide fence-to-fence environmental operations and services in support of customers serviced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District to include the U.S. Air Force and Air Force Civil Engineer Center. Environmental services work executed under this fence-to-fence contract will include, but is not limited to environmental compliance support; air emissions inventory data management; Title V recordkeeping; minor and minor general recordkeeping; EPCRA reporting; Installation HAZMAT Management Program Manager (IHMP) support; hazardous waste (HW) management support; HW management plan update; hazardous waste; integrated solid waste recycling; other regulated waste; pollution prevention; sampling, analysis and monitoring (SAM); plan updates; environmental media inspections; Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Recertification / Facility Response Plan (FRP) Resubmission; Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (C-Plan); Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plans (ODPCP); and storm water reports. Examples of specific services include tasks such as operating, maintaining, and optimizing pollution controls; characterizing waste streams; performing environmental monitoring, sampling, and analysis; operating a hazardous waste accumulation site; inspections, and updating existing environmental plans. The SATOC IDC tool is anticipated to support various environmental services within the USACE Alaska District, to include but not limited to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), Eielson Air Force Base (EAFB), Clear Air Force Station (CAS) and Pacific Regional Support Center (PRSC) areas of responsibility. Primary performance locations will be within the State of Alaska, but some work may be performed outside of Alaska within the USACE POD area of responsibility (AOR). OFFERS ARE DUE BY 2:00 PM ALASKA TIME ON APRIL 20, 2020. NOTE: Government-furnished information referenced in Attachment J-1 Table of Contents shall be requested by sending an email to the Contract Specialist. In-person pick up of disk will not be allowed at this time due to COVID-19 and potential base access issues.
Posted: Mar 20, 2020
SPONSOR: U.S. Army Egineering District Alaska (W2SN ), Anchorage, AK.

SOL: 12035520R0001
DUE: Apr 20, 2020
NAICS: 237990. THIS REQUIREMENT IS A TOTAL SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE. The Custer Gallatin National Forest is conducting a removal action as part of the Riley Pass Uranium Mines CERCLA response action in Harding County, South Dakota. The Riley Pass site comprises several abandoned uranium mines with elevated levels of heavy metals and radioactive isotopes. The work involves excavating and moving approximately 20,000 CY of contaminated mine waste to a designated consolidation area, regrading excavated areas, and placing 15,000 CY of soil cover over the consolidated waste and removal areas. Erosion control, dust control, soil amendments, and revegetation are part of the contract requirements. This work is being performed under the Forest Service's CERCLA authority, and all personnel must have current 40-hr HAZWOPER certification. Contractor shall begin performance within 10 calendar days and complete it within 150 calendar days after receiving notice to proceed. The estimated price magnitude is between $1M and $5M. RESPONSES ARE DUE BY 3:00 PM MT ON APRIL 20, 2020.
Posted: Mar 20, 2020
SPONSOR: USDA, Forest Service Regional Office, R1, Missoula, MT.

SOL: T2P-KSC-00029
DUE: Feb 3, 2021
NAICS: 927110. NASA's Technology Transfer Program solicits inquiries from companies interested in obtaining license rights to commercialize, manufacture and market the following technology. NASA's Kennedy Space Center seeks partners interested in the commercial application of its Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI). Developed at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), this process provides for the quick, effective, and cost-competitive in situ treatment of DNAPLs (dense non-aqueous phase liquids). This technology is one of the few methods available that can treat the DNAPL source. EZVI is part of NASA's technology transfer program. To express interest in this opportunity, please submit a license application through NASA's Automated Technology Licensing Application System (ATLAS) by visiting RESPONSES TO THIS OPPORTUNITY WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL FEBRUARY 3, 2021.
Posted: Feb 3, 2020
SPONSOR: NASA, John F. Kennedy Space Center.

SOL: T2P-MSFC-00025
DUE: Feb 3, 2021
NAICS: 927910. NASA's Technology Transfer Program solicits inquiries from companies interested in obtaining license rights to commercialize, manufacture and market the following technology. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center researchers have developed a compact, lightweight, integrated gas sensor capable of monitoring and detecting leaks in real time. The fiber-optic, laser-based leak detector uses an array of interferometric and spectroscopic techniques to measure gas density, temperature, species determination, and species concentrations. It is constructed from solid optics, compact enough to be used in the smallest of recesses, and consumes very little power. This technology can be used in space-based applications as well as numerous commercial industries. To express interest in this opportunity, please submit a license application through NASA's Automated Technology Licensing Application System (ATLAS) by visiting RESPONSES TO THIS OPPORTUNITY WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL FEBRUARY 3, 2021.
Posted: Feb 3, 2020
SPONSOR: NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center.

SOL: T2P-JSC-00008
DUE: Mar 17, 2021
NAICS: 927110. NASA's Technology Transfer Program solicits inquiries from companies interested in obtaining license rights to commercialize, manufacture, and market the following technology. Innovators at NASA's Johnson Space Center have identified a method to create a filtration device to eliminate contaminants from water supplies. Originally developed to purify wastewater for reuse aboard the International Space Station, the innovation is applicable to numerous situations on Earth where there is a need to collect potable, medical-grade water from a contaminated water supply. The unique aspect of the technology is its use of acoustics rather than pressure to drive water through small-diameter carbon nanotubes. The invention requires less power than conventional filtration systems and is well-suited to a variety of water processing needs. This NASA patent is available for companies interested in licensing and maturing the technology and then developing it into a commercial product. NASA does not manufacture products for commercial sale. RESPONSES TO THIS OPPORTUNITY WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL MARCH 17, 2021.
Posted: Mar 18, 2020
SPONSOR: NASA, Johnson Space Center's Technology Transfer Office.

SOL: W912PP20R0009
NAICS: 562910. When the RFP is released, THE PROPOSED PROCUREMENT WILL BE COMPETED AS A SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE [NAICS code 562910, size standard 750 employees] using a best-value trade-off source-selection process. The primary objective of this contract is to fulfill Kirtland AFB obligations to address groundwater contamination resulting from historical releases of the Bulk Fuels Facility. The Government is seeking qualified, experienced sources capable of performing a full range of environmental remedial services necessary to meet stringent DoD quality requirements and to meet complex and evolving regulatory criteria. The services include planning; permitting; regulatory compliance; collection of contaminant, geochemical, lithologic, hydraulic, and mechanical data; interpretation of chemical data sets to make assessments of contaminant nature extent and degradation processes; use of operational data to generate optimized system designs; performance of remedial treatment system operation and construction of system upgrades; and production of technical documents capable of withstanding subject matter expert scrutiny. To address remedial objectives effectively, KAFB is required to coordinate multiple studies, operations, and interim measures and to communicate effectively with stakeholders and regulators. The proposed procurement will result in a firm-fixed-price service contract for a period of performance of one 24-month base period and three 12-month options. RELEASE OF THE SOLICITATION IS ANTICIPATED ON OR ABOUT APRIL 17, 2020, with proposals due on or about May 18, 2020.
Posted: Mar 18, 2020
SPONSOR: Dept of the Army, W075 Engineering District Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM.

SOL: 68HE0S18R0005
NAICS: 541380. The purpose of this synopsis is to notify potential offerors of the intent of U.S. EPA's Office of Acquisition Management to issue a competitive solicitation for the PHILIS (Portable High-throughput Integrated Laboratory Identification System) recompete. EPA's Office of Emergency Management requires a contractor capable of maintaining and operating diversely located PHILIS units, laboratory systems that are designed to detect chemical warfare agents, biological agents, and toxic industrial chemicals. The PHILIS program provides on-site mobile and fixed laboratory capabilities to support EPA's Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN) to respond to chemical warfare and biological agent attacks, as well as any supplementary locations that are deemed fundamental to accomplishing EPA's mission. The Government intends to award one fixed-rate IDIQ contract from the forthcoming solicitation. Time-and-material or fixed-priced task orders will be utilized. The anticipated ordering period includes a 12-month Base and two 24-month Options with a maximum potential ordering period totaling 60 months. The NAICS code for this acquisition is 541380 (Testing Laboratories), size standard $15M. This presolicitation is NOT a request for submission of proposals. NO FAXES, MAIL OR PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
Posted: Mar 19, 2020
SPONSOR: Environmental Protection Agency, Headquarters Acquisition Div., Washington, DC.