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Green Remediation Focus

Featured Webinars & Site Profiles

Featured Webinar

The fall meeting of the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable (FRTR) focused on remedy protectiveness and climate resilience in site cleanups. View the session 1 and session 2 presentations of this virtual event and explore related links such as the FRTR-compiled summary of related policies, guidance and implementation tools (5pp, 577K).

Featured Site Profile

The latest stage of implementing an award-winning green remediation strategy at the Elizabeth Mine Superfund site in Vermont has involved constructing and operating a passive treatment system to address the site's mining-influenced water. The system comprises an anoxic limestone drain, settling pond, vertical flow pond and polishing wetlands through which leachate from a capped area sequentially flows via gravity feed. This nature-based solution eliminates the need for electricity or other forms of extrinsic energy and reduces the cost of long-term remedy maintenance.