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System Optimization

Advanced Manufacturing Office software tools offered by the U.S. DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy help identify and analyze energy savings opportunities for steam, process heating, combined heat and power, compressed air, fan and data systems. Associated tip sheets provide information about how these and other industrial equipment systems work and suggest actions to increase their efficiencies.

Cleanup Optimization at Superfund Sites. U.S. EPA.

Elements for Effective Management of Operating Pump and Treat Systems (PDF) (22 pp, 436K). U.S. EPA/OSWER. EPA 542-R-02-009. December 2002.

National Strategy to Expand Superfund Optimization Practices from Site Assessment to Site Completion (PDF) (19 pp, 329K) U.S. EPA/OSWER Directive 9200.3-75. September 2012.

Optimizing Site Cleanups. U.S. EPA/OSWER.

Options for Discharging Treated Water from Pump and Treat Systems (PDF) (23 pp, 348K). U.S. EPA/OSWER. EPA 542-R-07-006. May 2007.

Pumping System Assessment Tool. U.S. DOE/EERE.

Remedial Process Optimization. Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment.

Remediation Optimization. Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable.

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Remediation Process Optimization Documents. Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council.

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