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Former Ferdula Landfill, Frankfurt, NY

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Co-Located Equipment
Air Cylinder
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Air Treatment

Cleanup Objectives: Remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs ) from soil serving as a contaminant source within a 2-acre landfill

Green Remediation Strategy: Rely on wind-driven vacuum process rather than electrically powered air blowers for soil vapor extraction (SVE)

  • Delineated an unsaturated area with VOC contamination that remained after conventional capping and upgradient ground-water diversion
  • Installed a single windmill (with 12-foot blades) to extract VOCs for aboveground carbon treatment
  • Constructed a vacuum system enabling windmill blade rotation to reciprocate a single 10-inch air cylinder fitted with check valves
  • Connected the cylinder intake piping to a network of nine gas vents on the landfill cap


  • Avoids air emissions associated with consumption of grid electricity during soil treatment
  • Generates 85 ft3/hr of vacuum capacity per mph of wind
  • Capitalizes on wind intermittency to provide the pulsed effect that is typically effective in venting operations
  • Reduced VOC concentrations in soil gas more than 90% over five years
  • Removed 1,500 pounds of total VOC mass over the same period
  • Recovered $14,000 in capital/installation costs for the wind system within one year due to avoided electricity, when compared to implementing a conventional air blower system
  • Accrues annual O&M costs below $500, in contrast to potential $75,000 for a conventional SVE system

Property End Use: Long-term landfill containment

More detail is available about this site in the May 2008 issue of EPA's Technology News and Trends newsletter.

Point of Contact: Peter Ouderkirk, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation

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