U.S. EPA Contaminated Site Cleanup Information (CLU-IN)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. EPA Technology Innovation and Field Services Division
Former Nebraska Ordnance Plant, Mead, NE
Federal Facility, Superfund NPL

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Construction Startup
Turbine Installation
Turbine Operations
Continued Cleanup

Cleanup Objectives: Remove trichloroethene (TCE) and destroy explosives in ground water

Green Remediation Strategy: Uses a 10-kW wind turbine to power ground-water circulation wells (GCWs) for air stripping and ultraviolet treatment

  • Calculated a total GCW electricity demand of 767 kWh each month
  • Determined electricity demand could be met by site conditions: wind speed of 6.5 meters/second, shear exponent of 0.27, and turbulence intensity of 0.17-0.21


  • Provides sufficient renewable energy for continued TCE removal and explosives destruction by the aboveground treatment system during grid inter-tie operation
  • Reduces consumption of utility electricity by 26% during grid inter-tie operation
  • Decreases CO2 emissions by 24-32% during off-grid operation of the system's 230-volt submersible pump
  • Returns surplus electricity to the grid for other consumer use
  • Results in no observable impacts on wildlife
  • Provides electricity cost savings expected to total more than $40,000 over the next 15 years of treatment, based on an electricity rate of $0.0546/kWh at the time of wind turbine startup
  • Estimated that recovery for turbine capital/installation cost could be cut in half by improved GCW freeze-proofing
  • Provides educational opportunities for Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST) students evaluating renewable energy, remediation, and electronic system technologies, with cost sharing support from Bergey, Inc. and Ohio Semitronics

Property End Use: Continued agricultural research and development, residential, and commercial use

Point of Contact: Dave Drake, U.S. EPA Region 7 and Curt Elmore, MST

Update: May 2011

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