U.S. EPA Contaminated Site Cleanup Information (CLU-IN)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. EPA Technology Innovation and Field Services Division
Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, CO
Federal Facility

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ET Cover
State-of-the-art Components
2-MW Solar Field

Cleanup Objectives: Contain a 15-acre hazardous waste landfill

Green Remediation Strategy: Installed a four-foot-thick monolithic evapotranspiration cover in semiarid climate

  • Uses treated water from the wastewater plant for onsite irrigation where needed
  • Uses biosolids from on-site wastewater treatment plant
  • Prevented erosion through use of straw mulch
  • Revegetated with native prairie grass resistant to drought and disease
  • Provided uncompacted soil more conducive to plant growth than conventional earthen covers


  • Reduced potential for desiccation
  • Reclaimed sludge otherwise destined for landfill disposal
  • Enhances visual aesthetics contrasting to adjacent asphalt cover
  • Saved nearly $1.5 million in construction costs compared to a conventional cover
  • Incurs annual O&M costs averaging $75,000
  • Reclaimed the land for immediate re-use in commercial production of electricity from a 2-MW solar field, which is estimated to offset 1.3 million tons of greenhouse gases each year
  • Enabled a long-term power purchase agreement, whereby the military base leases property to the utility and receives lower-cost electricity in return

Property End Use: Open space

Point of Contact: Vince Guthrie, Fort Carson Directorate of Public Works Utilities

Update: February 2008

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