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Havertown PCP Site, Havertown, PA
Superfund NPL

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RSE Recommendations

Cleanup Objectives: Remediate shallow ground water containing metals, chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), benzene, and dioxins/furans

Green Remediation Strategy: Conducted remediation system evaluation (RSE) of an operating P&T system spanning a 12-acre treatment area and employing:

  • Four recovery wells with one collection trench
  • An ex situ pre-treatment system to break oil-water emulsion, remove metals, and remove suspended solids in extracted ground water
  • A primary treatment system employing three 30-kW ultraviolet/oxidation (UV/Ox) lamps, a peroxide destruction unit, and two granular activated carbon units to collectively destroy or remove organic contaminants


  • Took two UV/Ox lamps offline, based on RSE results indicating that contaminant parameters had changed since the time of P&T startup
  • Reduced electricity consumption by at least 168,000 kWh per year, due to turning off the two UV/Ox lamps
  • Reduced related air emissions by approximately 105 tons of CO2, 280 pounds of nitrogen oxides, and 1,500 pounds of sulfur oxides each year, based on eGRID (version 1.1 for Pennsylvania)
  • Reduced the smaller but additional offsite footprints attributable to avoided cooling water and fuel-harvesting resources needed for electricity generation and the intermediate power loss on the electric transmission grid
  • Reduced annual operating costs by $32,000, primarily due to lower electricity consumption
  • Gained a potential life cycle cost savings estimated at $515,000-$960,000, based on 30 years of ground-water treatment operations
  • Continues to meet cleanup criteria for ground water

Property End Use: Undetermined

Point of Contact: Jill Lowe, U.S. EPA Region 3

Update: December 2009

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