U.S. EPA Contaminated Site Cleanup Information (CLU-IN)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. EPA Technology Innovation and Field Services Division
Barksdale Air Force Base, Bossier City, LA
Federal Facility

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Material Recycling
Erosion/Stormwater Controls
Selective Tree Removal
Riparian Area
Wetland Border
Thriving Vegetative

Cleanup Objectives: Contain 25 acres of construction debris and hazardous waste (including petroleum-based solvents and metals) constituting an onsite landfill adjacent to a wetland area and the Flat River

Green Remediation Strategy: Modified the original construction plan for landfill cover to capitalize on green construction methods and meet federal "greening the government" goals, while expanding the facility's natural resource conservation program

  • Retained an existing natural levee to maintain the habitat corridor, minimize riparian ecosystem disturbance, and provide secondary erosion controls
  • Developed a drainage design and construction plan recreating natural hydraulic patterns of the wetland and river
  • Removed trees and shrubs selectively and chipped/recycled the material for placement on hiking trails within the facility's conservation area
  • Used uncontaminated spoil material from previous dredging operations to construct an 18-inch low-permeability cover
  • Used demolition concrete as rip-rap and aggregate material for stormwater runoff management and as base fill for access roads
  • Removed, stockpiled, and later reapplied topsoil to enhance plant growth on the landfill cover surface
  • Installed immediate grass cover on the cover surface for erosion and sediment transport control, followed by seeding of native drought-resistant wildflowers


  • Used low impact development designs for constructing on-site drainage systems that mirror natural hydraulic conditions of the greater area
  • Recycled 1,000 tons of concrete debris
  • Reused 60,500 cubic yards of topsoil and subsurface material
  • Saved 700 tons of removed woody material for beneficial use
  • Saving approximately $1,800 each year in fuel and labor costs for site maintenance, through installation of a final landfill cover of native plant species needing infrequent mowing
  • Achieved economic benefits totaling over $377,000 through sustainable design and construction of the remedy
  • Integrated the facility's conservation plan into long-term stewardship of cleanup actions at "landfill 3" while preserving integrity of daily flight activities

Property End Use: Ongoing military operations

Point of Contact: Wallace Robertson, Barksdale Air Force Base

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