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Delfasco Forge Site, Grand Prairie, TX
Superfund Removal

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Crawl Space Exhaust System
Exterior Vent
Solar Panel

Cleanup Objectives: Mitigate offsite trichlorothene (TCE) vapor migrating through soil from a contaminated ground water plume that resulted from the site's past use for metal forging and fabrication

Green Remediation Strategy: Employ onsite sampling and analytical techniques during site investigations, and use renewable energy to power exhaust systems addressing TCE vapor intrusion

  • Deployed EPA's mobile laboratory to collect and analyze soil and air samples on over 500 offsite properties located above the estimated ground water plume
  • Conducted passive air sampling in a targeted four-block area to further define the plume
  • Began installing an exhaust system consisting of a conventional 6-inch fan, operating at a rate of 200 cubic feet per minute, in the crawl space of buildings with TCE concentrations above the 14 µg/m3 action level
  • Connected each exhaust system through exterior-wall wiring to a 10- by 16-inch 10-watt solar panel mounted on the building's roof
  • Made available to each building owner a 24-volt battery with a lifespan of 5-7 years to ensure continuous operation of the exhaust system


  • Reduced materials, time, and costs associated with offsite laboratory analysis of soil and air samples, through onsite use of equipment such as a trace atmospheric gas analyzer and summa-type canisters
  • Employed passive air sampling techniques providing continuous, real-time analytical results that optimize field decisions regarding locations for follow-on sampling
  • Installed each exhaust system within two days, including less than one hour for the solar equipment
  • Incurred equipment costs of only $200 for the fan and solar panel, plus $50 for the battery, needed for each building
  • Achieved an immediate 95% reduction in TCE vapor in each building's interior following exhaust system installation
  • Avoided a building owner burden estimated at $96 each year for electricity to power the exhaust system, through use of solar energy
  • Mitigating offsite vapor intrusion until the contaminated ground water plume at Delfasco Forge is successfully treated through technologies such as soil vapor extraction

Property End Use: Continued occupancy of nearby buildings, while onsite Superfund cleanup progresses

Point of Contact: Greg Fife, U.S. EPA Region 6

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