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Key Optimization Components:  Monitoring

Key Optimization Components Key Optimization Components Remedy Components Monitoring is conducted at any stage of the remedy. During the investigation or design stages, monitoring provides information that helps develop or refine the conceptual site model (CSM). Monitoring during remedy implementation or operation is primarily used to evaluate remedy performance, remedy compliance with relevant environmental and health and safety regulations and remedy progress in meeting established remedial action objectives (RAO). Monitoring during remedy implementation and operation stages also provides useful information to help update and refine the CSM as a measure of evaluating remedy protectiveness and progress.

Selected Resources

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  Title Document Number Type Date
PDF Elements for Effective Management of Operating Pump and Treat Systems EPA 542-R-02-009 Factsheet 2002
Web Environmental Expert Website - Program Developed to Ensure Long-Term O&M and Performance of Vapor Intrusion Mitigation N/A General Publication
PDF Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems: Summary of Selected Cost and Performance Information at Superfund-financed Sites EPA 542-R-01-021a & b General Publication 2001
PDF Guidance for Monitoring at Hazardous Waste Sites: Framework for Monitoring Plan Development and Implementation OSWER 9355.4-28 Guidance 2004
PDF O&M Report Template for Ground Water Remedies (with Emphasis on Pump and Treat Systems) EPA 542-R-05-010 Guidance 2005
PDF Optimization Strategies for Long-Term Ground Water Remedies (with Particular Emphasis on Pump and Treat Systems) EPA 542-R-07-007 Guidance 2007
PDF Roadmap to Long-Term Monitoring Optimization EPA 542-R-05-003 Guidance 2005
Web OSW Website - Groundwater Monitoring Statistics N/A Online Resources 2012
PDF A Systematic Approach for Evaluation of Capture Zones at Pump and Treat Systems EPA 600-R-08-003 Technical Publication 2008
PDF Characterization of Mine Leachates and the Development of a Ground-Water Monitoring Strategy for Mine Sites EPA 600-R-99-007 Technical Publication 1999
PDF Low-Risk Site Closure, Guidance Manual to Accelerate Closure of Conventional and Performance Based Contract Sites N/A Technical Publication 2012
PDF Survey of Technologies for Monitoring Containment Liners and Covers EPA 542-R-04-013 Technical Publication 2004
PDF The Use of Direct Push Well Technology for Long-term Environmental Monitoring in Groundwater Investigations ITRC SCM-2 Technical Publication 2006

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