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Characterization, Cleanup, and Revitalization of Mining Sites

Training and Events


Upcoming Internet Seminars

  • Sustainable Resilient Remediation
    May 11, 2023 | 1:00-3:15 EST

    Extreme weather events and wildfires are increasing, potentially impacting hazardous waste sites, including mining sites. In this webinar, learn about resources and tools to integrate sustainable and resilient practices into remediation projects.

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    Upcoming Meetings

    • WA Mines and Environment's Mine Closure Conference
      March 15, 2023 | West Perth, Western Australia

      This conference will cover effective mine closure planning and will include presentations on "Facilitating Open Pit Mine Closure with Managed Aquifer Recharge" and "Environmental Monitoring and Managing Water Quality on Rehabilitated Platforms."

    • Mine Drainage Task Force Symposium
      March 28-29, 2023 | Morgantown, West Virginia

      This symposium will cover new developments in mine drainage research, treatment and control practices.

    • 2023 SME Minnesota Conference
      April 17-19, 2023 | Virginia, Minnesota

      This conference will explore a wide range of topics including tailings management, managing mine wastes, and sustainable mine water management.

    • Water in Mining Global Summit
      April 25-27, 2023 | Toronto, Canada

      This conference will explore a range of topics including environmental protection and biodiversity, removal and management of contaminants, and treatment of mine water for reuse.

    • Mine Design, & Operations Closure Conference
      May 8-11, 2023 | Fairmont, Montana

      Suggested topics for this conference include reclamation and closure.

    • American Society of Reclamation Sciences Conference
      June 4-7, 2023 | Boise, Idaho

      The conference will offer technical sessions on a range of mining site reclamation topics.

    • Biomining '23
      June 5-6, 2023 | Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

      Suggested topics for this symposium include bioremediation applications for the treatment, prevention, and prediction of AMD.

    • Mine Waste and Tailings Conference 2023
      July 12-14, 2023 | Brisbane, Austrailia

      Planned topics for this conference include mine water and AMD management, innovative mine waste management, and mine closure.

    • International Mine Water Association Conference 2023
      July 17-21, 2023 | Newport, Wales

      Suggested topics for this conference include passive treatment innovation, performance of mine water treatment systems, and cleanup and rehabilitation of legacy mines.

    • International Congress on Water Management in Mining and Industrial Processes
      September 6-8, 2023 | Santiago, Chile

      This 11th International Water Congress will explore water quality, effluent treatment, and environmental protection of water resources in the mining sector.

    • RemTech Europe
      September 18-19, 2023 | Virtual/Hybrid

      Mining sites and coal mines are proposed topics for this international event that will cover the latest developments in the remediation of contaminated sites and the application of new and sustainable technologies.

    • International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management
      October 3-6, 2023 | Stuttgart, Germany

      Planned topics for this conference include cleanup and closure of contaminated sites and minimizing impacts from uranium mining and milling.


    Archived Internet Seminars, Videos, and Courses

    Visit these links for copies of the presentation materials.

    Other CLU-IN Webinars

    EPA's Region 10, ORD, and OSRTI hosted a three-part workshop series on hardrock mine geochemistry and hydrology in 2013. The goals included enhancing participants' understanding of the key issues regarding water chemistry predictions, identifying potential sources of contamination from mine sites, and describing practices to mitigate or reclaim facilities to protect natural resources. Presenters included experts from EPA Headquarters, Regions, and ORD; the U.S. Geological Survey; and the U.S. Forest Service. The workshops were open to all agencies, tribes, consultants, and the general public, and are now archived and available for streaming. Supplementary materials and resources provided by the instructors are also available for download below.

    Workshop 1 - Evaluating Water Chemistry Predictions at Hardrock Mine Sites

       » Detailed presentation descriptions and full archive

    Workshop 2 - Mining Influenced Waters - Pathways for Off-Site Releases

       » Detailed presentation descriptions and full archive

    Workshop 3 - Sampling, Monitoring and Remediation at Mine Sites

       » Detailed presentation descriptions and full archive



    Additional Web-Based Training Archives